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Lisa Gualtieri Alford is a photographer and visual storyteller with a passion for travel. At age twelve she began taking pictures with her father’s camera and years later, earned a BFA in Photography from Parsons School of Design in NYC.

Lisa is highly adept in the education and technical use of imaging equipment for the professional video, cinema, and photography industries. She currently works as the Eastern US Sales Manager for EDU and B2B at Canon USA, where she travels around the U.S. conducting professional imaging workshops, product demos, training, and learning events for her Higher Education and corporate accounts. Lisa also teaches photography and video workshops to foster community and youth engagement, and to support environmental and social activism in the US and abroad. Whether she travels for work or pleasure, she always brings her camera and loves to document the beauty of the world around her through the places she goes, people she meets, and things she sees.

Wherever her wanderlust takes her, she is always happy to come home to her husband Derrick, and their cat, G-Loco.

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